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Autobiography of Richard "Dick" Buehler, Centralia, Illinois Class of 1952"

Retirement at 65 being mandatory up here, I was retired (as the only non-PhD full professor on the faculty) in 1999. Since then I have been hired back every semester (at a greatly reduced salary) to teach my theatre courses, "Stagecraft" and "Directing the Play." I no longer do lecture courses, thank you very much, though I am given the option.

My wife, a PhD Epidemiologist, retired in 2000 from the Memorial School of Medicine, where she taught in the Community Health Division. She too is hired back (at a greatly reduced salary). For me it is a case of "can't quit while I'm having fun." I don't know what drives her.

Anyway, after flunking out of CTJC I bummed around. I Worked a couple of summers at East Bay Camp (Bloomington, IL) where I met my future and current wife).

1954-56, US Army. Trained at Camp Chafe, Ark. and Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Served in France, 34th Gen. Hosp., La Chapel St. Mesmin, near Orleans. Rose to exalted rank of PFC (twice), realized I was taking orders from persons dumber than I and that I'd better get back in school.

After Army, went to Jacksonville, IL and, in 1957, entered Illinois College (after looking at my less than stellar academic record they didn't want me, but couldn't refuse to admit a veteran. They did point out that they would be free to throw me out after a semester). After three years on the Dean's List they threw me out (well, graduated me) with a BA in English. While at IC, on a dare from my future wife, I auditioned for and got the lead in "The Glass Menagerie." This was my first time on stage and I was (and am) hooked. I acted in a number of plays at IC (and married my wife, Sharon.)

In 1960 we both entered Indiana University at Bloomington, me in Folklore and she in History and Logic of Science. While at IU I worked as Folklore Librarian, proofreader for the Great Lakes/Ohio Valley Project (Indian Claims Commission), taught Freshman Composition and as a radio broadcaster (had a daily two hour jazz program, playing music from my own collection). Also acted in one play and directed another for the Town Theater. Completed course work for the PhD.

1964 my daughter was born, I grabbed my MA and went to work teaching Speech and Theater (for which I wasn't qualified, but what the hell) at Johnson State College, Johnson, Vermont. Sharon taught biology at Johnson. While at Johnson did my first professional acting, at the Jefferson, Vermont Town Meeting Playhouse, where I was Actor in Residence.

1966, back to school, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. Completed coursework for PhD in English in 1967, and my son, Michael was born. Back to work. Came to Memorial University of Newfoundland on a two year contract, bringing with me the editorship of the American Folklore Society publication,"Abstracts of Folklore Studies" (but still no PhD),which I edited for ten years. At Memorial I taught both Folklore and English for the first three years, then switched full time to English.

1970 I built the theater for the Eastport Peninsula Festival of the Arts, which was the inspiration for a dozen summer theatre festivals around the province. I acted as artistic director, director and lead actor in my theater for two years. (I was invited back last year for the opening of the completely renovated Eastport theater.)

1973 founded with four colleagues, Breakwater Books, the first trade publisher in Newfoundland. Company still flourishing, even though I left them some years ago.

1983 drafted to teach theater courses in the English Department, Stagecraft and Directing the Play. Over the years I have directed, acted and sung in scores of stage productions, both amateur and professional, have acted on local and national CBC radio and television, and have worked on and in a dozen movies. I've worked with Dame Judi Densh, Kevin Spacey, William Hurt, Gordon Pinsent, Keefer Sutherland and others you never have and never will have heard of.

I also, for one summer, had my own jazz show on CBC radio, again, using my own collection. 1983 co-editor of a brand new journal, "Newfoundland Studies".

1989 had a novel dedicated to me.

1992 a theater company founded by some of my students, "Dick's Kids Productions," named after me. The company still flourishing as "The Shakespeare By the Sea Festival," run by a different set of my former students.

1993 became sole editor of "Newf Stud" and remained until 2002 when I resigned (well, I'm now editor pro tem., but that is very temporary, because, damn it, I quit).

Over the years I've edited twenty books. I've been a member since 1968 of ACTRA Performers Guild, (The Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists, which has now been expanded to include film). None of my various ventures have been very financially rewarding but I've had (am having) fun!

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