Beach shoes : how to choose them well ?

Before going on vacation and finally being able to relax on the beach, you have to go through the suitcase stage. If bikinis are compact and easy to choose, for beach shoes, it’s another story ! Before making your choice, find out what criteria to take into account and what are the great classics of beach shoes.

Selection criteria

Before buying your beach shoes, it is important to ask yourself a few questions. First of all, be aware that sand is not stable ground. go to this site for more information. That said, you must therefore choose shoes that allow you to walk without being hampered. Also remember that your beach shoes must fit well because otherwise you risk losing them or slipping when you are at the edge of the water. Do not forget that the temperatures are higher in summer on the beach and that it is recommended to choose beach shoes that let the foot breathe and that do not keep you hot.

Finally, remember that your beach shoes must be put on quickly. There is no question of spending your time putting on shoelaces. The ideal is to be able to put on and take off your beach shoes in seconds without even having to use your hands. On the other hand, if you want to walk at a brisk pace on wet sand, it is better to wear walking shoes or sports shoes to keep your ankle in place.

The great classics of beach shoes

In the market for beach shoes, there are different models to choose from depending on the use you can make of them. Flip-flops : this is a great classic. They come in all shapes and colors. They are easy to put on and slip easily into a bag. There are also sneakers. They are ultralight but they tend to overheat the foot if you wear them for too long. They also tend to trap sand in the sole. They hold up pretty well. Apart from these two beach shoes, one also recognizes boats and plastic sandals.

Speaking of boats, these are shoes previously used on boats hence their name. They are practical because they keep the foot firmly in place. They are not suitable for use in water and it is advisable not to get them wet as they are often made of leather and leather tends to shrink as it dries. Regarding plastic sandals, they are quite unsightly even if some brands have tried to bring them up to date. They have the advantage of holding well to the foot and allow you to bathe without removing them. They protect your feet from rocks and shells that can sometimes hurt you.