Castor Semenya appeals to European court against restricting testosterone levels

Athletics champion Semenya has gone to the European court to have a ruling against her competing in certain levels reversed. She says she wants to defend her title in Tokyo. 

South African Athletics champion moves to have ruling quashed 

Olympic champion Semenya has taken her case to the European over restrictions of testosterone levels. She has been barred in competitions from 400 m to a mile. This is because of a change in rules of the Athletics federation. Semenya has previously failed in an appeal to the Supreme Court, but she is still optimistic about defending her title.

'' The appeal is to run without impediment and restrictions '' she said. 

Her legal team will argue that she hasn't been allowed to exercise her rights. Last year, Athletics changed its policy that mandates runners with different sexual levels, must take drugs to compete or go to another race.

Athletics federation and Supreme courts say decision best for everyone 

According to them, runners with DSD have a great advantage in competitions like these. Though the Supreme Court ordered a stay after hearing her case, in September, it dismissed her case entirely. It means the South African will not be able to defend her 2012 and 2016 medals this year in Japan.  

The Athletics federation said 'we are happy with the decision of the Swiss court to promote fairness for all athletes. 

''While everyone has the right to run in any sports, there shouldn't be bias. We hope this case will show we are for everyone'  

The Swiss Court said '' It is a great concern that everyone should be placed on the same level and none should have a competitive edge over another. After carefully considering arguments for all parties, we believe the federation has a valid point ''. 

Semenya has not given up yet and hopes that the European Court will reverse the ruling.