How to train a German Shepherd?

It is said that the dog is a friend of man. In order for this friend to be submissive, it is important to educate him and make him obey you. Indeed, it should be noted that the way to educate a dog can vary from one species to another. You have a German Shepherd and you want to train him? Here are some tips to help you succeed.
Teach him the basic rules
The education of your German Shepherd is essential, to raise him according to the good manners. This education should begin the same day you bring him home. Indeed, the first rule to teach your dog, will consist in teaching him to sit and stand. Also, you can teach your dog from the very first days to use expressions like "attention" or "stop" to get his attention or to stop him when he does something abnormal.
However, you will have a hard time getting positive results right away, so patience is what will help. Also, putting the dog at ease, establishing an atmosphere of trust can make training easier, as well as older. It is recommended to take him young for this purpose. If you want to find out a lot more on the subject, you'll love a visit to
Train your dog with ratchet
You can use ratchet to properly train your dog. All you have to do is work on getting your dog to understand the message that each sound of the clicker conveys. For example, when you click once, he should be able to associate the sound with food or an alert. In order for your dog to adapt easily and not become exhausted quickly, it is best to exercise for 15 minutes for a large dog and five to seven minutes for a puppy.
Socialize your dog
When you have a puppy, it's important to teach him not to be aggressive. To do this, enroll him in a puppy training class. This training course will help your German Shepherd become more gentle and obedient. However, to complete this training, as an owner, you should not beat or yell at your puppy. These are some tips that will probably make it easier for you.