Some detailed candlestick models with these performance and reliability characteristics

In recent years, trading has become one of the most profitable jobs online. But for this to be possible there are many rules and secrets to consider. Among these rules, we can mention the candlesticks. In this article, we follow two detailed candlestick models with their performance and reliability characteristics. 

The long line candlestick model 

A candlestick is the representation of an aggregation of all prices traded during a specific period. It can take into account a full day of price trading. For more information, please visit

The long line candlestick model is very effective. Indeed, it is important to know that the long line candlestick comes in two types. These two types are white and black. The white candlestick consists of a white body and an upper and lower shadow. If you see a long white candlestick appear after a decline it means that there will be a change in the current trend. As for the black long line candlestick pattern, it consists of a black body and an upper and lower shadow. When the latter appears in an uptrend it will indicate an upcoming downtrend reversal. From here it is very easy to recognize a long line candlestick pattern. For a good traideline both forms of long line patterns are appropriate for technical analysis. 

The blocked candlestick pattern 

The blocked candlestick pattern is a pattern that has three bars. The first is a long body while the second is shorter, but goes in the same direction as the first and the third is the smallest of the three bars, but also goes in the same direction. This candlestick pattern predicts an upcoming bearish reversal in the market. When the bearish pattern makes an appearance it only indicates the loss of positive momentum creating resistance. When the latter is bullish, this indicates the next bullish reversal in the market.