Some of the best handpans you can find on the market

The handpan is a hand percussion instrument that produces soothing and relaxing tones. Since its creation in the 2000's, this accessory has gained undeniable fame and is now available in several models. There are also many brands on the market, which makes it difficult to make the best choice. Fortunately, this content simplifies the task by offering you the best models to buy.

The Muslady handpan

Of the various handpans available on the market, the Muslady handpan is undoubtedly the best. To choose your type of handpan, don't look any further. Indeed, the latter brings the necessary satisfaction to the fans of good music with the design of the instrument and its quality. The 10-key G handpan model is based on the Helmholtz resonator principle. The instrument produces accurate and vibrant notes and its chords are impeccable. This instrument is easily played with the hand, fingers or drumsticks. It measures five-six (56) cm in diameter and has a large scale. This handpan is not only harmoniously designed. It is compact and effectively rustproof.

The Mman handpan

If you want to get a handpan with a better price/quality ratio, the Mman model is the one to choose. If you have a keen ear and a limited budget, this handpan will absolutely give you the satisfaction you need. It would even make an excellent gift for your loved ones. The resonant quality of the sound of this percussion instrument is one of the values that make it stand out from other handpans. This instrument has undergone a process of note study by a professional tuner. This ensures the accuracy of the tones of the accessory. This ten-tone handpan is designed in black and is of exceptional quality. The material is also rust resistant, allowing you to get the most out of your investment. It plays easily and is ideal for musical, cultural and religious events. This handpan model has a cotton case for easy transport. This is what makes it popular with musicians on the move.