Why register with MyFT?

There are many economic opportunities in the world. It is important to be aware of these opportunities in order to make good investments. The Financial Times is a platform that keeps you informed of all the niche opportunities and return on investment at any given time. All you have to do is register to take advantage of the very interesting benefits of this platform. This article tells you more about these advantages.

Investment opportunities

By registering on the FT, you will be sure to be the best informed about all the promising investment opportunities to be had. If you have any additional questions, Adrian Chengis available to answer them. This is actually very well detailed information from top to bottom to give you a solid overview of the ins and outs of these opportunities. So whether it's a report from international financial institutions or expert analysis, you'll be sure to know the real scope of your investment. What you need to know is that these analyses will allow you to identify the risks that await you and to plan the ways and means to deal with them.

Different types of subscription

The registration on FT is done on subscription. This monthly subscription gives you access to a number of features. You will be entitled to daily newsletters on your account. This information is available in over 100 languages. New customers are entitled to a one-month subscription for $1. At the end of the trial, the subscription will be $69 per month. You can also get a premium subscription. It allows you to have unlimited information.


When you sign up for FT, there are many gifts that await you. For example, premium users are entitled to at least 20 free gift articles per month. There are also price alert and currency comparison software that are given to you for free. Let's add that these programs are of paramount importance in the professional career of an investor