Facebook and Instagram places ban on Myanmar military

Social media firm, Facebook has suspended the accounts of some Myanmar Army officials. It took this decision after some Burmese officials used it to promote falsehood. 

Facebook bans Myanmar Army accounts 

Social network firm Facebook has banned the Burmese army and its close allies from accessing its platform. The tech company said it took this decision after seeing the great injustice the Tatmadaw (Burmese army) did to civilians. It says it cannot allow rulers with these autocratic tendencies to use its platforms. The army had used Facebook and other social media platforms to talk about the alleged voter malpractices in November 2020. 

It has been said that over 69 million Burmese citizens use Facebook which, for many people, is important. Last week, social media also banned the army home page on Facebook for not adhering to guidelines.

Weeks after seizing power, the military rulers had continued to arrest dissenters and ordered internet bans that went against its wish. Facebook in an official statement said the ban was very necessary' following pictures and videos were shown about the oppressive nature of the government. 

Protest continues despite the death of four people 

About four people have been killed during the protest which has resulted from the illegal removal of leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other elected officials. Facebook also said it will be banning all army commercial business immediately and would be indefinite. However, it says the ban won't spread to other government ministries and agencies who do functions related to health and education. 

People have accused the military of using online to spread falsehood and have pleaded with other social firms to suspend them. The protest has continued without reprieve, but the streets have continued to see the presence of army convoys as many NLD officers have gone into hiding. The international community has said the leaders must return power to democratic leaders.  

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