President Biden overturns policy on migrants applications

The green card policy of erstwhile President of the United States, Donald Trump has been rescinded by President Joe Biden. The administration says the policy isn't considerate and harsh towards the family.

President Biden reverses Trump Green Card Act

President Joe Biden has changed the application process for Green cards of the former US President, Donald Trump. The former US leader had said American jobs and interests needed to be protected and had placed certain restrictions on migration applications. 

However, the new US President has signed an executive order on February 24, which revoked the Trump policy which stopped many green card holders from entering the US. The order called the Presidential Proclamation act said because Trump's bill created a huge gulf between families and doesn't help the status of the US.'' 

This bill harms the interest of the country and stops many families from connecting. Asides from being wrong, it is also not lawful to prevent legal families from connecting. Many NGOs and human rights groups have pleaded with the Biden government to reverse the bill which will soon expire. 

Human rights council worried reversal would take time 

According to a human rights lawyer Morrison John, he said he was happy that the government has reversed the bill, but he was worried that it will take a while for a thousand of us applications to be sorted out. '' 

Unless the Biden administration is fully committed to sorting out this mess, it will take a while for this entire process to be completed. That said it is a good idea and welcomed ''. President Biden had reversed some policies of his predecessor, some of which included stopping the wall in the southern region, and aiming to join the UN Human rights commission. 

The government has promised to improve its international status which they said the former president smeared. Green card holders have found it hard getting into the country since last year, this news is a welcomed idea.

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