Visiting Cancun: when should you pay the Visitax?

Visiting a country or region is exciting. Lots of surprises might be awaiting you, especially when the region is a popular destination. Cancun is among the regions that are really appreciated. However, if you are planning to go there, you might get ready to pay the new tourism tax Visitax. The latter is a tax that all international visitors should pay in order to access the region and its treasures. But when should you exactly pay this new tax? Do not worry. In this post, you will discover the right moment to pay the Visitax!

Paying the tax before traveling to Cancun

If you are willing to go to Cancun for any reason that it is, you will definitely have to pay the new visitor tax. In fact, Visitax Cancun has been set by the government of Mexico and has to be paid by all the visitors. That being said, the new Visitax should firstly be paid before leaving your hometown for Cancun. In other words, you should pay it before traveling to Mexico, and here are several ways to do it.  
If you prefer booking your vacation online, you can pay the tax online as well. You just have to reach out to the official website of Visitax. The website is totally secure and available in English and Spanish. The payment can also be made through different methods, and you can have your receipt at your resort. However, if booking online is not your thing, you can try to pay the Visitax right at the airport.

Paying the Visitax at the airport

As we have just mentioned above, the new tax must be paid before your departure for Cancun. If you fail to pay it online to have the receipt at your resort, do not panic. There is still a way to get up-to-date.  Actually, Mexican authorities have set a system to help you pay your tax not only on the official website, but also at the airport, There is still hope for you to travel to your favorite destination! 
So, how do you pay at the airport? This is simple as a piece of cake. There are several kiosks where you can head to in order to pay the tax.  
Once you pay at the airport, a QR code is given to you. The latter shall be scanned at the security so that you can safely and legally have your trip. However, waiting lines may be long out there, so give yourself patience and time. But remember, change your cash into pesos or dollars. For the moment, these are the two currencies that are accepted for the payment of the tax.

Bonus: other regions that require the tax to be paid

Cancun is not the only region that requires you to pay the new tourism tax. In fact, the Visitax is to be applied to all the regions that are included in the state of Quintana Roo including Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Isla Cozumel, etc. Actually, the tax is essential for any foreign visitor heading to these regions for tourism, education, healthcare, business and more. So you should get accustomed to that, as it has to be paid every time you travel to Cancun or Quintana Roo's attractive regions.

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